Recovray Reviews 2022 : Read This Recovray Emergency Light Bulb Review To Know If It’s Best For You.

Recovray emergency light bulb Reviews : How was your last power outage experience? Power outages occur mostly without warning, it could be spontaneous, taking you unaware and leaving you in the dark. It is at this point you begin to wonder how to get to an alternative light source such as flashlights, candles matchboxes, or lighter.(Recovray Reviews)

This can prove difficult especially if you do not have your phone flashlight nearby. Some have tripped over or hurt themselves in the process. What if I tell you your next power outage experience does not have to be this way?

None of the above options can light up the place bright enough or long enough like recovray, a leading technology in an emergency light bulb that outperforms even the traditional light bulb. (Recovray Reviews)

The company claims their light bulb is the best emergency light bulb currently in the market and the most trustworthy backup plan against a power outage incidence. This bulb is said to be free from the uncertainties associated with conventional light bulbs, making it a better option during a power outage.

What is recovray?

This is an emergency light bulb designed to give a long-lasting backup whenever there is a power outage. This is by far one of the most efficient emergency light bulbs out there.

RecovRay uses LED light bulbs designed with advanced technology and an inbuilt battery that self charges itself and can last for up to 6 straight hours. In most cases, power is restored before the end of this time. (Recovray emergency light bulb Review)

How bright do the bulbs light up the room? This is beyond whatever you are used to with your conventional light bulbs, this bulbs produce up to 800 lumens each, which allows them to brighten up the room enough for you to see every aspect.

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Usually, with a bulb this bright, the common consequence is huge power consumption, however, even though it is one of the brightest light bulbs out there, they consume less power compared to conventional light bulbs.  They are the same type of LED light you find in emergency signs and other similar areas.(Recovray emergency light bulb Review)

When not in active use, the bulbs continue to accumulate power and become an effective backup power lasting 6 hours, to buy you enough time for the POwer company to intervene. Although designed with the latest technology in LED lights, installation or setup is still pretty easy and follows the same steps as your traditional light bulbs, making this bulb a user-friendly emergency light bulb.(Recovray emergency light bulb Reviews)

Part of what makes this bulb user-friendly is that it’s the battery is inbuilt, the bulbs arrive with the battery already inside each bulb, the user does not have to bother about charging these batteries as they are designed to charge themselves needing no help at all.

With its long-lasting duration of 6 hours, its automatic charging features, and easy setup, this is exactly what you need during a blackout to prevent all sorts of drama associated with blackouts such as stripping the staircase, hitting your head on the wall, or accidentally hurting yourself in other ways.(Recovray Review)

With these bulbs, there is no need to hurt yourself while attempting to locate the flashlights, the bulbs automatically come up and brighten the entire area when the electricity goes out.

How to use (Recovray emergency light bulb Review)

There is no special skill set required to install recovRay and no need for a user’s guide. Installation is simple and easy. Simply remove the old bulbs and fix the recovary light bulbs into the sockets. (Recovray emergency light bulb Reviews)

The bulbs work perfectly well with the switch already installed and there is no need to change this switch. Also, similar to typical bulbs, one switch can be used to control many of the emergency bulbs.

How does recovRay work?

Generally, it is known that LED light bulbs consume less power than typical light bulbs, the manufacturers of recovRay claim to have used the latest technology in LED light bulbs in creating this emergency bulb making them consume less power and consequently last as long as 6 hours.(Recovray emergency light bulb Reviews)

The LED lights are said to be the same as those found in emergency signs such as exit signs. The company also claims the bulbs produce up to 800 lumens which they assert to be enough to brighten up an entire room.

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In this section, we shall be discussing the features of this bulb by explaining some of its properties as stated by the manufacturers. So, here are some of the features of RecovRay:(Recovray light bulb Review)

Self-charging battery technology

The bulbs have their batteries built into them and they arrive this way. The batteries are self-charging and don’t require any help from the user. They automatically charge up themselves making the bulbs user-friendly. (Recovray emergency light bulb Reviews)

They are said to be powerful enough to provide up to 6 hours of backup power when there is a power outage making them an efficient emergency light during a blackout.

Charge only mode

While charging, the bulbs can be made not to light up by putting them in a charge-only mode. This means they would not automatically turn up as long as they are in this mode. To change this setting, simply get to the switch and flip it from OFF to ON.(Recovray emergency light bulb Review)

User friendly

This bulb has an easy setup and usage. they are used in the same way as typical light bulbs and can be installed in the house without taking out your old light bulbs. They can be used daily or simply stored for emergency purposes such as blackouts only. 

Energy efficient

The technology used in their LED lights allows them to consume about 80 percent less energy than conventional light bulbs. They also last longer than these bulbs. They charge up easily and do not contribute much to your electricity bill.(Recovray Review)

They are therefore cost and energy-effective. It can last 50 times more than typical bulbs it is therefore not associated with the uncertainties seen with conventional bulbs

Applicable in many places

Recovray is not only suited for homes, rather, but it can also be installed in many other places such as the hospital, clinics, hotels, stores, nursing homes, geriatric homes, restaurants, and. They can be used almost anywhere, can be installed in the garage, shed, utility room amongst other places. (Recovray emergency light bulb Review)

Keeps you prepared for blackouts

When you have such an automatic trustworthy backup plan, your mind with being at rest and you will feel prepared for incidences such as blackouts or natural disasters such as hurricanes which can destroy the electric cables and cause a power outage for a considerable period.

Brighten the entire room

Each bulb is said to produce up to 800 linens which the manufacturer claim can light up every aspect of the room and allow you to see clearly. With this, you can walk safely through the house without tripping or hitting yourself in other ways.

They can therefore be installed in places such as the staircase, which is one of the common places in the house where people hurt themselves during a blackout. They can also be installed in the basement, hallway, and bathrooms.

30 days guarantee

Buying This bulb is risk-free, even if you do not believe the originality of the product, you can give it a try without losing your money if it turns out unworthy. The company has a 30 days refund policy if the product is returned during the first 30 days after purchase for reasons such as a defective product, malfunction, or similar complaints(Recovray emergency light bulb Reviews)

RecovRay ensures that even when there is a power outage, families can continue to go about their regular activities in the house. During natural disasters such as storms and hurricanes, it makes the experience  less terrifying 

Where to buy (Recovray emergency light bulb Review)

It is currently available on the company’s official website for a 50% discount on the market price.(Recovray emergency light bulb Review)

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Customer Reviews (Recovray Review)

“The lights turned on during a blackout and it lasted for 5 hours. They stayed bright throughout. the neighbors were impressed. Now people are asking me how I kept the lights on and where I got them. This is an amazing product and I will be ordering more!”.Marcus P. – Houston, TX


“Got to see the bulbs in action when we lost power during a thunderstorm. The lights automatically came back on and we were able to read and navigate in every room. It was just as bright as it would normally be and maybe even brighter. I highly recommend this if you live in an area that loses power frequently!”(Recovray emergency light bulb Review) Lana G. – Miami, FL


“We haven’t had a chance to test the bulbs in a power failure yet but even then we’re very happy with the purchase. The light is warm and bright and works well as a regular light bulb. We’re excited to test it out in a power failure!.Leslie S. – Ithaca, NY


Frequently asked questions (Recovray emergency light bulb Reviews)

How long does the battery last during a blackout

RecovRay can last for 6 hours when the battery is fully charged. It can therefore be used continuously or intermittently for a total of 6 hours before needing to be recharged. The bulbs are controlled the same way as the typical household bulbs by turning the switch  ON and OFF 

How is RecovRay installed(Recovray emergency light bulb Reviews)

The installation process for RecovRay is easy and simple. The old conventional bulbs are removed from their sockets and emergency bulbs are fixed. You do not have to undergo additional rewiring to make use of this bulb. The bulbs are being used daily or charged and stored for emergency conditions such as power outages due to natural disasters.

Do you need to change your current wall switch to use RecovRay?

RecovRay will work perfectly well with your current wall switch. You do not need to change the wall switch to make use of RecovRay. Additionally, similar to conventional bulbs, multiple RecovRay bulbs can be controlled from a single wall switch.

The lifespan of RecovRay is a highly durable LED light. Their lithium-ion batteries can withstand about 300 to 400 charging cycles. This implies that RecovRay can last for up to 3 to 4 years with continuous usage before needing to be replaced.(Recovray Review)

How do you know when the battery is low

RecovRay is programmed to blink up to 3 times to signal a low battery. Always keep them charged in case a blackout occurs without warning.

Does RecovRay have a money-back policy

Yes, the company has a 30 days money-back policy that mandates them to refund 100 percent of the cost of the product if a dissatisfied customer returns the product. However, the product must be returned within 30 days following the purchase of the product.

Also, the product must be in the same state it was bought without any form of alterations such as an attempt to repair the product, and must also be returned in the original packaging.(Recovray light bulb Review)

Here is how to reach out to the company email:

Phone: +1(866) 406 0612

Address: RecovRay Returns, 2345 Vauxhall Rd, union, NJ 07083

Why is my bulb not working during a power outage?

The commonest reason for this is usually as a result of not connecting the battery wires. Although the bulbs have an inbuilt battery system, the battery wires are disconnected when the product is being shipped.

Users of the product are required to follow the user manual to reconnect these wires before charging the bulbs. Check if the wires are properly connected, charge for 4 to 6 hours, and stimulate a power outage afterward. If the problem is with the battery wires, this should be resolved.(Recovray emergency light bulb Review)

Conclusion (Recovray Reviews)

Every once in a while power outages occur for reasons such as power surge, natural disasters such as storms, tornados, hurricanes, and others. It is best to always be prepared for blackouts for safety and to continue with your regular activities. RecovRay is a perfect backup plan to stay prepared for a blackout. It is recommended to have this both at home and in establishments.