Hajimari Reviews 2022 | Read This Hajimari Boomerang Ball Reviews Before Using This Amazing Nova Ball

Hajimari boomerang ball Reviews: Ever heard the saying “work without play makes Jack a dull boy” this does not necessarily mean you if your name is jack, but what it does mean is that being in a continuous serious mood without any room for some form of play is not a healthy way of life.(hajimari reviews)

Life is generally stressful mentally and otherwise, every once in a while it’s important to have some form of activity you engage in to take the edge off.(hajimari reviews)

Most grownups seem to think games and playtime are only essential for children, but they couldn’t have been more wrong about that. Children require playtime more than adults do, this does not rule out the fact that playtime is beneficial mentally to both children and adults. (hajimari boomerang ball reviews)

Games such as hajimari can potentially improve many aspects of a child’s growth and development. The role played by games in the growth and development of a child cannot be overlooked.(hajimari reviews)

Games such as Hajimari boomerang ball will help relieve the child of mental stress and put them in a much lighter mood. It is important for brain development as they learn timing and combination between their eyes and hands.

Children also need to improve on their interaction with others, by playing games such as hajimari with other family members they learn to do that and in the process improve their comprehension of language and social skills.(hajimari boomerang ball reviews)

It’s easy for children to get into a soaring mood, getting them out of such a mood is easier than you think, hajimari proves effective when it gets to quickly turning the wheel around as children become filled with joy and fun after spending free moments with it.

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The most interesting features of hajimari and why most children find it fascinating is how effortlessly it floats and glides when thrown, and not just how high it rises but also the fact that it returns as a boomerang does.(hajimari boomerang ball reviews)

Each time I watch a movie where one of the characters has a boomerang, that automatically becomes my favorite hero in that movie. With hajimari boomerang ball under way to make my kids my heroes.

I find this flying ball one of the quickest and most effective ways to get rid of boredom. A great way to spend your family time having fun together. Every moment is full of energy with every member of the family having a great time. The ball can be played with almost everywhere be it parks, backyards, or similar locations.

Adults how think play only benefits children would have to change their minds when it comes to playing with hajimari. The benefits of playtime are numerous, some of which include but are not limited to improvement in your cognitive function, increase in mental health, enhancement of creativity, reduction of anxiety and stress, improvement of relationship with others, and finally, helping you feel full of energy and young again.(hajimari reviews)

What is hajimari?

Hajimari boomerang ball is a spinning ball that behaves like a boomerang that returns to you whenever you throw it. The LED lights you to have fun both in the day or night none stop after just a quick charge. The drone-like technology causes it to move for a short distance after throwing it and then it turns back briskly towards you as the momentum slows down. It guarantees an exhilarating experience and efficiently kills boredom.(hajimari boomerang ball reviews)

Most people do not have a healthy way of relaxing when they are not at work, some resort to their phones and endlessly scroll through their social media. The consequences of this form of attachment with your phone are that you will spend more time going through the various social media platforms than you planned to.

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Most importantly, rather than having a great time, you may come across posts that could cause you more mental stress than you are already dealing with from work.(hajimari boomerang ball reviews)

Others spend their playtime with video games and watching movies. Neither of these areas are as healthy as playing hajimari. This is because both of you have been sitting in the same place for a considerable period.(hajimari reviews)

If your job already involves you sitting in the office all day long, then such activities as video games and movies may have more detrimental effects than you could imagine.

Long how’s of sitting and inactivity predisposes to several health conditions none of which has a good prognosis. Examples include obesity, varicose veins, scrotal and testicular cancer amongst others. Therefore a better way of spending your playtime would be to engage in an activity that is fun and at the same time keeps you on your feet.(hajimari review)

Aside from the physical and mental health benefits of hajimari, it also increases the bond between family members especially between parents and their children.

While the game can be played by one person or a group, my personal choice would be to play it in the group, not only is this more interesting, you also get to spend some fun and memorable time with your family.

Children love to play, but playing a game with their dad or mom it’s more affectionate. Most working-class parents hardly have enough time with their kids, and when they are home, the kids are engaged in activities such as playing video games which may not interest their parents.

These sort of parents, therefore, resort to their phones, checking their chats, emails, and messages and going to their news feeds. With hajimari boomerang ball, both grown-ups and children clans share fun times, and each party would enjoy a great time.

Playing hajimari boomerang ball does not require such a large space, The ball does not move too far off before turning back towards the point where it was thrown from.  Its drone feature keeps track of its trajectory and the distance covered before automatically turning back. This makes it possible for hajimari boomerang ball to be played both indoors and outdoors in parks, backyards and similar spaces.(hajimari boomerang ball review)

With the pandemic, kids have become over-familiar with their previous toys and to us with similar designs as what they are already used to bore them. To stimulate your kids to have a wonderful playtime so you could have some time alone to do whatever you wish to do, you may have to go out of your way to get them something they are not already familiar with, hajimari ball solves this dilemma. It is unique with unexpected features such as the LED light and the ability to return to the thrower.

How to use Hajimari boomerang ball

It is user-friendly and can be played with even by your two-year-old. To use hajimari, follow the following steps

Step 1

Unpack the ball. In the package, you will see the hajimari ball, a type-A USB charging cable, a magnet and a how-to-use manual.

Step 2

Plug the ball with the USB cable and allow it to charge up

Step 3

Place the ball in your hand and shake it, then release your arm to allow the ball to fly away

Step 3

After a short travel, the ball returns to your hand. So go ahead and begin to have fun with your new playtime buddy.

How does hajimari work?(hajimari boomerang ball reviews)

It is a spinning ball designed to keep both kids and grownups entertained and to remove boredom from their lives. It is an effective playmate which can be played in various ways, alone or in a group.

Hajimari is simply placed in the hands, shaken, and let loose to fly. Its colorful red, green, and blue LED lights add to the amount of fun one can get from the toy and also allow night playtime and ease of always tracing the ball. After just about 25 minutes the ball can be charged fully and ready for another round of playtime. 

Features of hajimari boomerang ball (hajimari reviews)

Lightweight, compact and portable

The ball is designed with a weight light enough to allow kids with less muscle power to handle the ball with ease. It is compact and portable and can be held in the palms of the hands.

User friendly

It is absolutely easy to use. There is no need to read the user manual to learn how to use hajimari boomerang ball. However, it comes with one just in case you need help finding your way around how to use the ball. It can be thrown in the air where it floats and glides off, performing various types of tricks until it returns to the hand. It also is placed on the palm and allowed to display other types of tricks as well. It’s an amazing playtime buddy with each moment filled with joy and happiness.

LED lights

The ball has three delightful colored lights, red, blue, and green. As the ball spins, this lights it an amazing look. Kids are mostly attracted to these lights and love to play with them, even more, when it is dark. The lights are brighter in darkness and therefore, hajimari boomerang ball can be toyed with even at night. These lights also enable the ball to be traced at every moment, therefore issues of your kids displaying their toys while playing with it are unlikely with hajimari.


This is not a way time use kind of you nor the type that comes with non reusable batteries that have to be removed and replaced after some time. Not only is this more expensive, but it could also deprive your kids of playtime when they cannot find the batteries or when such a battery is dead. 

hajimari boomerang ball however does not belong to this category of toys. Its batteries are rechargeable and can be recharged as quickly as 25 minutes so your kids can get back to playing with their new toys.

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Can be played with anywhere

The compact and portable nature of the ball, the fact that it travels and gets back to you wherever you were when you threw it, makes it possible to play with hajimari boomerang ball almost everywhere. The office, parks, backyards, and any other place in groups or alone. You can even play with the ball while sitting in the parlor of your home, it goes and comes back right into your hands.

It keeps your kid away from the tv and computers

Most parents are worried about the amount of time their kids spend watching television and playing video games on their computers.(hajimari boomerang ball reviews)

Efforts to reduce this habit may prove abortive if all you do is to give lectures and instructions about how not to spend time watching tv. However, if you were to provide an alternative way for your kids to spend their spare time, this would effectively reduce their tv time.

Everything about hajimari boomerang ball is unique and fascinating. Kids, therefore, do not get bored playing with it. They may enjoy their time with hajimari boomerang ball to such an extent as to completely select you as their default way of spending their playtime.

Benefits adults as well

Kids are not the only one that benefits from hajimari boomerang ball, even adults can have fun with the ball both at the office or while at home. It helps you deal with boredom, improves your creativity, and makes for an excellent way of taking your money off something disturbing.

The various tricks that can be performed with hajimari boomerang ball include :

The down under

The ball is simply let loose and spins away. After flying for some distance it returns to where it left.

The illusion master

The ball can be kept just above the hand while it continues to spin without dropping.

The climb

The ball is let loose in an upright position, it continues to rise until it attains the maximum height possible and then returns to the hands  

Magic wand

The wands are purchased differently, they allow two users to apps the ball between themselves while having a great time.

Pros and cons (hajimari review)

Pros (hajimari boomerang ball reviews)

There are a lot of advantages to using hajimari boomerang ball, some of these annoy any other you except with hajimari boomerang ball. Here are some of the advantages of hajimari boomerang ball over any other toy out there

  • Easy to use: the user-friendly attributes of hajimari are second to none. There is not too much technology involved with how to use hajimari. The manufacturers also include a user manual in the package to help guide you accordingly on everything you need to know about how to use the toy.
  • Simple and portable design: this makes it okay to play with hajimari anywhere at any time. The compact nature and portable size of the ball allow it to be held right in the palm and to be tossed around.
  • Lightweight: not much strength is required to play with hajimari boomerang ball. Anyone respective of their age can have a great time with hajimari without getting exhausted as a result of the weight of the ball.
  • Affordable: this is by far my favorite feature. Things do not have to be cheap to be affordable. Buying expensive to us for your kids sometimes may turn out to be a disappointing experience as the toy may end up not being worth the money or malfunctioning shortly after due to its poor durability. Hajimari can be bought without cutting too much into your account.
  • Drone-like technology: hajimari uses a drone-like technology that allows it to fly and return to where it left off. It can never get lost or prove difficult to find. The LED lights further make it easy for it to be traced even at night.
  • Does not require too much space, can be used both indoors and outdoors, in parks, backyards, and any other similar location.

Cons (hajimari reviews)

  • It can only be bought from the official website of the manufacturing company. While this may make purchasing the toy restricted to only one store, it, however, protects the buyer from frauds who may want to take advantage of customers naive enough to fall for their scams.

Who needs hajimari?

There is no age group or category of people that will not benefit from hajimari. Whether you are a workaholic who spends the most time at the office, working around the clock, hajimari may be exactly what you need to prevent a mental breakdown. No matter how much you like to work, without some form of or activity that takes your mind off work a bit, you may get burned out or become lacking in creativity.

Therefore, those who require something to help them relax, improve their mental health, creativity and get them back on the horse could benefit from hajimari. Also, individuals looking forward to spending less time with their phones during their relaxation time can choose to play with the hajimari ball. It is a more healthy way of spending your relaxation time away from the screen of your phone.(hajimari review)

Kids can be too much sometimes, especially this lockdown period where every one of them is at home with you while you try to work from home. Getting them busy with something like hajimari will buy you some time to focus on work and other things about getting distracted by your kids. 

Kids that spend too much time watching the tv or playing on the computer can get some time away from these two by playing with hajimari. Some kids cannot get entertained by the regular kinds of toys out there and would require something unique and special. A toy with a feature they cannot explain keeps them intrigued and fascinated. The drone-like technology of hajimari that allows it to get back to the person throwing it is one of such.

Where to buy hajimari and for how much

Hajimari boomerang ball can be bought only from the official website of the manufacturing company and nowhere else. There are no other vendors allowed to sell the product and attempting to buy from someone other than the manufacturing company may get you scammed. Here are the current prices. Remember shipping cost is applied as well and depends on the location of the buyer.

  • One hajimari $59.99
  • Two hajimari $119.99
  • Three hajimari $134.99
  • Four hajimari $164.99

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If for any reason a customer is dissatisfied with the product, the doors of the company are open within 30 days of purchase for the product to be returned for a full refund or replacement. This is one of the advantages of hajimari.

Frequently asked questions

How to use hajimari?

Using hajimari is quite easy even for the completely inexperienced. Simply hold the ball on your palms after charging it, shake it and toss it into the air and watch it do its trick until it returns to you.(hajimari boomerang ball reviews)

How durable is hajimari?

Is strong and can withstand even the rough play of your children.(hajimari reviews)


What is the size of hajimari?

It weighs about 26 grams and its size is similar to that of a softball or a baseball.


How long does it last when fully charged?

It can last for about 10 minutes of playtime. It recharges quickly without having to wait for it for too long.

What else is included in the package?

Type-A charging cable, user manual, magnet dome along with the hajimari ball.


“Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary as the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”


Playtime is not wasted time even for an adult. Playing with hajimari boomerang ball is an efficient way to relax and have a great time at the same time and this can further foster a stronger bond between family members. If you wish you are looking for a creative way of keeping your children away from the tv and yourself away from your phone this may prove effective.(hajimari reviews)