Coverlastic Reviews 2022: Why This Sofa Cover Is Worth My Money.(User Opinion)

Coverlastic Reviews: Irrespective of the quality of your sofa or your impeccable maintenance abilities, nothing lasts forever, not even your sofa. A new sofa sure looks gorgeous and eye-catching, however, after some years, the looks will begin to depreciate and will get to the stage where it demands to be changed or at least covered up.

Sofa covers have been around for some time now and are common in many homes. However, there has been a lot of improvement in this industry and new styles with better designs and unthinkable features are coming up every day. An example of such is the coverlastic sofa cover. (Coverlastic Reviews)

Rather than dipping into your bank account or saving up for months to replace your old furniture, you simply change the looks of the room by getting a sofa cover for your furniture which will give the room an entirely new look and yet cost close to nothing when compared to buying a new sofa plus you get to keep your old but comfortable sofa.

While sofa covers are necessary even for new sofas especially in a home with pets and children, not all sofa covers are worth your money, some have outrageous designs that will simply look out of place while others have poor durability and cannot survive your pet’s claws even for a week.(Coverlastic Reviews)

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It is for this reason this article was written, to help you go for something worth your money. Coverlastic comes in a stretchy design allowing it to fit your sofa perfectly. It is available in various awesome designs which will further add life to the interior decoration of your room.

With coverlastic, you will no longer have to worry about someone spilling a drink over the sofa or the sofa getting stained. It saves you from the agony of having to spend long hours trying to clean up the sofa from a spill. It is simply removed and washed easily, after which it is worn back looking all new.(Coverlastic Reviews)

What is Coverlastic?

Coverlastic is a sofa cover designed primarily to keep your sofa safe from stains, spills, and other forms of damages. Aside from protecting your sofa, their beautiful design also adds to the decoration of the room. So, this is like killing two birds with one stone.(Coverlastic Reviews)

This Sofa Cover is ideal for both old and new furniture. In terms of the new furniture, it keeps them safe from spills and stains and adds to their design. This is an important function especially for expensive furniture and for someone who dreads spending long hours cleaning up the sofa after spilling a drink over it.

It’s okay to want to keep an old cushion even if its old looks are unfit for the décor of the room. With coverlastic, you can keep your old cushion by covering it up and giving it a new look with only a few dollars.(Coverlastic Reviews)

The living room are the most used set of furniture in the house, they are often the first to get damaged and require replacement. They function as the point for having a conversation, partying, and relaxing. This furniture, therefore, requires more protection than others. there is no better way of achieving this more than covering them up with coverlastic.

Before this time, furniture such as sofas was protected by covering them up with thick plastics, whole this may be an effective option in protecting furniture, it destroys the looks of the room and also makes annoying noise whenever you sit on the cushion. With This Sofa Cover , the furniture is 100 percent protected and also comfortable to sit on. It can achieve what the thick plastic does and more.(Coverlastic Reviews)

Coverlastic is a stretchy sofa cover that covers all aspects of the is completely impermeable to water and other liquid and keeps your furniture safe from spills. Whatever is poured on the sofa does not get past this cover which can be easily washed off.

Aside from protecting the furniture from spills, This Sofa Cover also prevents odors from clinging to the fabric of your sofa via the ammonia deodorizer impregnated into its fabric. You, therefore, do not have to worry for instance over the remnant of the smell of your cats’ feces on the couch.(Coverlastic Reviews)

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Unlike other sofa covers, coverlastic comes in various colors, allowing its users to make their choice of the best fitting color for their room. The various colors of this Sofa Cover include light brown, dark brown, grey, yellow, black, and sand yellow.

You do not have to worry about whether the cover will fit your couch or not or whether it is the right size for your sofa. The stretchy material makes coverlastic to fit almost all sizes of sofa, the remaining part of the cover if any can be easily tucked behind the sofa.

There is no point in spending so many dollars on new furniture when you could easily change the furniture look by simply covering it with these covers. New furniture is becoming more and more expensive by the day, rather than withdrawing all of that money for a new cushion, a fraction of that money can be used to get this Sofa Cover, while the rest is put into a more important use.(Coverlastic Reviews)

The significant protection provided by coverlastic will enable you to go easy on your kids as well as pets when they mess up the couch. Some parents like mine are very dramatic about the living room sofa especially if it’s an expensive one. They have all these rules regarding the dos and don’ts of using the sofa, some of these rules are so strict it feels as if no one should even breath while sitting on the sofa.

Buyer’s guide (Coverlastic Reviews)


Potential buyers must take into consideration certain factors when they decide to order for this Sofa Cover. It is important to choose the design that best fits your furniture. Coverlastic is usually available in two different types of designs, the first style is coverlastic as a separate piece of fabric.

The fabrics are highly flexible and cover the base of the couch as well as the cushions. This design is more suited for continuous use.

The second type of design is a drape, which is simply used to cover the seat. In this form, it comes with straps or bands that are used to secure the fabric over the couch. This design is more suited for temporary use such as covering up the couch when having a party in the house or hanging out with family and friends.


Be it for sofas, loveseats, or chairs, coverlastic is available in various sizes for each of these pieces of furniture. Therefore, before ordering for a this Sofa Cover, ensure to measure your furniture to avoid getting the wring size of coverlastic for your furniture. The various sizes include

Chair: 32 – 40 inches

Sofa: 74-96 inches

Loveseat: 58-73 inches


The type of material to go for depends on what you want from the furniture cover. If you intend to protect your furniture from spills, stains, and damage from pets and kids, then you will need a coverlastic that is impermeable to liquid and dark in color. If what you demand from coverlastic is to cover up an old-looking cushion and give it a great look, then you may go for the more exciting colors like sand yellow.

Coverlastic comes in various material types, some are made of cotton, while others are of wool, linen, silk, polyester, or spandex makeup. For optimal comfortability, the cotton blend will be the right choice of material, which for an outstanding look, the silk or linen will make a good choice.

Features of coverlastic (Coverlastic Reviews)

Here are some of what you stand to benefit by using this Sofa Cover

Pet friendly: Coverlastic is pet-friendly. It prevents your pets from staining your furniture or causing damage such as scratches from their claws. You can spend time with your pet on the sofa without worrying about their fur loitering all over the sofa, as the cover can be easily removed and washed.

Even when the pet defects over the sofa, for instance, the smell does not cling around forever, coverlastic is impregnated with ammonia deodorizer that makes sure the sofa is free from smells and microbes.

Waterproofs: this Sofa Cover is impermeable to water and other liquid. If you are the type that tends to spill your drink while relaxing on the couch watching tv, then this is highly recommended for you. When a sofa soak in liquids, it develops an awful spell afterward, coverlastic prevent this from ever happening.

Fit perfectly: Given its stretchy attribute, coverlastic can be drawn over any type of furniture to give a perfect fit. The remaining part can be easily tucked away behind the furniture.

Greatly comfortable: Coverlastic comes in various types of material each with a varying degree of comfort. Generally, the cover makes your furniture more comfortable to sit on and also adds to the décor of the room.

Low maintenance: The material does not retain stain and it’s easy to wash. Cleaning this Sofa Cover does not require any special care as it is not a delicate material. It can be washed in the machine using regular soap. It should however not be washed together with other fabrics.

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How to install coverlastic (Coverlastic Reviews)

Locate the label, place this in the middle of the sofa and stretch this Sofa Cover over the sofa.

Pull the cover all over the rest of the furniture

Use straps or bands or secure the cover and keep it tight.

Tuck in excess parts behind the furniture

Pros and cons (Coverlastic Reviews)

Pros (Coverlastic Reviews)

  • Pet friendly
  • Fits perfectly
  • Reasonably affordable, visit the official website for a 50 % discount
  • Your money is given back if you are not satisfied with the product.

Cons (Coverlastic Reviews)

  • Available online only
  • Limited in stock


Customer review

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‘’The covers provided by Coverlastic are of excellent quality and easy to use, they work to protect my sofa and thus allow it to last much longer. At the time of purchase, the attention was cordial and the shipment of the product arrived without problems, I recommend them.’’

Kathy Perez


Frequently asked questions

How should this Sofa Cover be cleaned?

Coverlastic is not different from other fabrics and does not require any special care. It can be simply washed in the machine just like any other fabric. It is however important not to do this together with other fabrics to avoid colors from those fabrics ruining your coverlastic

Is it pet-friendly?

Coverlastic is in fact pet friendly. As long as the sofa is covered with coverlastic, you do not have to worry about bad smells or micro-organisms from the pets. This is on the account of the ammonia deodorizer impregnated in the fabric of this Sofa Cover. It also protects your sofa from damage such as scratches from the claws of your pet.

Is coverlastic available in different colors

There are many options for you to choose from in terms of the various colors of coverlastic. These colors include; light brown, black, dark brown, grey, and navy blue.

Conclusion (Coverlastic Reviews)

Coverlastic will make your old furniture radiate with life once more and keep the new ones protected from spills, stains, and all forms of damages that can be caused by pets and kids to furniture. This is a must-have for any type of home.