Eggfecto Reviews 2022 : Is The Eggfecto Egg Cooker Worth Your Money?

Eggfecto reviews: Cooking egg is tricky, this is not like boiling rice, rather, it requires the right amount of heat and duration for the egg to turn out good. Most people find cooking eggs difficult because of these conditions. (eggfecto Egg cooker reviews)

There is a difference amongst people in how they prefer their egg cooked, while some prefer a hardboiled egg, others need their boiled egg to be soft. Unfortunately, most of the time, none of these people actually what they want. (eggfecto Egg cooker reviews)

Having the right egg cooker will save you from all the trouble in calculating the right amount of heat or time duration to cook the egg to the preferred consistency. With eggfecto, you can finally have that tasty egg breakfast you’ve always desired.

Ending up with a soggy or watery egg while looking forward to a good tasty egg breakfast can be frustrating. This used to be the case for me every waking morning. Boiled eggs are the top of my list for the most preferred breakfast choice; however, my egg cooking skills are below average or let’s say terrible. I usually end up throwing away the watery egg which as it is usually uneatable. (eggfecto Egg cooker reviews)

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Aside from ending up with soggy eggs in the morning, sometimes, while trying to beat time in the morning, I attempt to multi-task while the eggs are already on the stove, this usually turns into a disaster as the water in the pot dries up leading to the eggs getting burnt.

All of these are now in the past, following the acquisition of eggfecto, this microwave egg cooker changed the narrative of my egg cooking experience. Your first attraction to eggfecto is its aesthetic design.

It is crafted in the shape of an egg and resembles an actual egg in both shape and color. This in addition to solving your egg problem will add some beauty to your kitchen.

The various excuses people give for having a crappy breakfast or no breakfast at all include but are not limited to not having enough time in the morning to watch the egg boil or simply not knowing how to properly boil an egg.

Whatever the reasons are, there are no excuses anymore with egg cookers such as eggfecto, anyone can have a good tasty egg breakfast. (eggfecto Egg cooker reviews)

What is eggfecto?

One of the secrets to having a productive day is starting on a good note, with an amazing breakfast. eggs are an excellent breakfast choice on the account of the high protein content along with the vitamins, minerals, and calories. Eggfector is a microwave egg cooker designed to help you achieve a tasty egg breakfast without waiting around for the egg to get done.

Why most people including myself shy away from a boiled egg breakfast is not because we are unaware of the nutritious content of the egg, no, it is mostly because of how frustrated we become after waiting for the egg to get done only for it to turn out badly. It is either the egg is too hard or too watery, either way, it is not the ideal tasty egg breakfast we were looking forward to. (eggfecto reviews)

Eggfecto will make you realize cooking eggs is the simplest thing there is in the world. Boiled eggs can be made faster and safer with eggfecto. It makes it easy for you to make the eggs exactly how you love them and guarantees a tasty breakfast and by extension a super productive day.

No matter how busy you are, skipping breakfast is never an option. It is not called the most important meal of the day for nothing. Eggfecto is the right breakfast solution for those with a busy work life who tend to skip a boiled egg breakfast as a result of being too busy to wait and see their egg get done. (eggfecto reviews)

The most loved attribute of eggfecto is not just the speed at which the eggs are cooked or the fact that it can cook 4 eggs at the same time, the most loved thing about the egg cooker is the fact that users can finally cook their egg exactly how they want it. The egg cooker can be set to make hard- or soft-boiled eggs.

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The difference between these two types of a boiled eggs is in the duration of cooking. If you wish to have your breakfast with soft eggs, simply boil the eggs for 5 minutes, increase this to 8 minutes if you desire hard-boiled eggs. It makes cooking eggs easy and fast with its user-friendly operating system. (eggfecto Egg cooker reviews)

Eggfecto is designed to save you the time spent waiting for the stove to boil the water in the pot, and to help you get what you desire from your boiled eggs. The egg boiler has a lot of features, some of which will be considered in this article. It has gained a lot of popularity in places like Canada, New Zealand, the united states, United Kingdom and enjoys an overwhelming number of positive customer reviews.

If you belong to the category of people who risk going late to work each time, they have to wait for their stove to boil the eggs, or you are someone that finds it difficult to make yourself a good egg breakfast, using eggfecto will change your breakfast experience. Professional cooks are not also excepted from benefiting from the numerous advantages of using eggfecto.

How to use eggfecto | (eggfecto Egg cooker reviews)

Eggfecto is a typical example of a user-friendly kitchen appliance. it is a simple appliance that requires no special skills from its users. Here is a summary of the steps involved in using eggfecto to cook your eggs

Step 1

Open the appliance to have access to the base where water is added to generate the steam that boils the egg

Step 2

The next step is to add some quantity of water to the base

Step 3

Eggffecto microwave has up to 4 slots and your desired number of eggs to the slots. Up to four eggs can be cooked at the same time.

Step 4

Eggfecto containing the eggs to be boiled is then placed in the microwave and boiled for a given period. The duration for which the eggs are boiled depends on what type of eggs you want and also the type of microwave you are making use of.

Step 5

When the boiling is over, take some time for the egg to get cooled. Once cooled, the eggs are ready for consumption.

These are the simple steps involved in using the effector. This is as simple as it can get. While there may be a good number of egg cookers out there, this is one of the most efficient and yet simple of them. Most of the egg cookers out there are not worth a penny spent on them.

Effector is highly affordable and does not cost much to maintain ether. After boiling your eggs, ensure to rinse the inside of the appliance to get it ready for the next round of eggs. (eggfecto Egg cooker reviews)

Features of eggfecto

Here are some of the features of eggfecto and the reason why it has gained much popularity over such a short time.

Boils eggs to perfection

While boiling eggs, most people are usually confused if the eggs are spent sufficient time in the pot or not, you see them constantly checking on the egg to decide whether it is time to put off the stove or not. None of these confusing moments are associated with using eggfecto. With this appliance, eggs can be boiled to exactly how you want the egg, whether hard or soft. (eggfecto Egg cooker reviews)

When the eggs are placed in the eggfecto, the microwave can be set at either 5 or 8 minutes depending on the consistency you desire. You can finally get to enjoy your eggs just exactly how you want them without stressing yourself out. (eggfecto Egg cooker reviews)

Best quality egg cooker

Eggfecto is made of quality and durable materials making it long-lasting and cost-effective. The manufacturers of eggfecto offer users 30 days money-back guarantee. Users how to find the product dissatisfactory can return the product for a refund and are entitled to a 100% refund from the company as long as the product is returned within 30 days of buying the product and in the same packaging, it was delivered with.

user friendly

effector is a user-friendly kitchen appliance, involving very simple steps. To make use of the appliance, simply place the eggs in it and place it in a microwave for a specified period depending on how you want the egg. Maintaining the appliance involves simply rinsing it after use to get it ready for reuse(eggfecto reviews)

can boil up to 4 eggs

eggfecto has up to 4 slots in the base for d eggs. Therefore, up to four eggs can be boiled at the same time for yourself and other family members. The eggs are simply placed in these slots while water is added to the base. The eggfecto with the eggs inside are placed in a microwave for cooking.

Sleek design

Eggfecto is crafted in the shape and color of an actual egg. When placed on the countertop, it gives the kitchen an elegant look. (eggfecto reviews)

Benefits of using eggfecto

Reading the customer reviews from the company’s official website made it all clear that all of the current users of eggfecto are immeasurably pleased with all the aspects of the product.

Although anyone can benefit from the egg cooker, the people most happy about this great invention are people who in the past have struggled with cooking eggs to their designed taste. (eggfecto reviews)

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Anyone too busy in the morning to stand over the boiling egg in the pot, while fearing going to work late will find this highly helpful. Its saves your time, allows you to enjoy your eggs exactly how you love them.

Unlike expensive products out there whose efficiency is questionable, eggffecto is a highly efficient egg cooker that comes at an affordable price. Maintenance simply involves rinsing it after use and does not cost anything. (eggfecto reviews)

Pros and cons of eggfecto | Eggfecto Egg cooker reviews)

Pros| (eggfecto Egg cooker reviews)

It is an efficient egg cooker, cooks the egg to the egg to your desired taste

  • It is uniquely designed and adds to the décor of the kitchen
  • It is made with the high-quality material ad has a long-lasting lifespan
  • Users are entitled to a full refund if the product is returned within 30 on account of a defect, malfunctioning, or similar complaints
  • User friendly
  • Affordable, the company is currently offering a 50% discount on its official website
  • Low maintenance

Cons | (eggfecto reviews)

Available online only. Some may not however consider this a drawback

  • Discount only applies when the product is bought from the official website of the company

Where to buy eggfecto |(eggfecto reviews)

Eggfecto can be bought from the official website of the manufacturing company for a 50% discount. The discount does not apply to buying eggfecto from other online stores such as amazon aside from the official website.

Customer reviews

Ken G.

– Butte, MT

‘’Awesome gadget that cooks four eggs at once. I eat two eggs every morning and this thing is perfect for cooking them. Quick and easy! Great value and makes preparing breakfast a lot better. My whole family loves this thing.’’

Paul V.

– Memphis, TN

‘’It’s not that hard to boil eggs on the stove, but I’ll only use my Eggfecto now! It’s got a fantastic design and the operation is super simple. ANYONE can use it, and it makes amazing eggs! Quick and easy eggs done right, every time. Can’t beat that.’’

Allison G.

– Houston, TX

’Easiest way to make eggs and they’re so easy to peel that it’s like a miracle! We all use our Eggfecto daily but it still works like new. Sturdy and well-made and we picked it up on sale! Incredible value for a really handy device you’ll use over and over again.”


Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day, having a nutritious egg breakfast will serve as a big step in having a super productive day. the effect makes this fast and easy. Boiling eggs has never been easier!