Door Ringer Reviews 2023: Is The Door Ringer The Best Spy Camera? Read Before Buying

Door Ringer Reviews: Whether you are at home or away at the office or on a journey, being able to keep a watchful eye on your home and other properties in the house provides you with a security advantage of being able to keep them safe and protected from intruders who may wish to take advantage of your absence.

Depending on the type of neighborhood you live in, property theft has always been something of great concern. A lot of persons have incurred huge losses from intruders who took advantage of their being away from home to break into the house unnoticed. Aside from thieves, solicitors also constitute a great nuisance as you may have to come down to get the door multiple times only to find out it’s a solicitor at the door.

In recognition of all of these, the door ringer, a video doorbell was designed to help tackle any of these problems. With this, you will be able to tell who is at your door and decide whether you want to come down to get the door or not. You also will be able to keep a watchful eye on your home even when you are not close by, that is from the office or wherever you may be.

Every homeowner should consider getting one of these for their home, there is absolutely no one who will not benefit from door ringer. Irrespective of your type of neighborhood and the crime rate in such an area, it does not hurt to have a security feature that serves you even when you are away from home.

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Many persons have gotten from opening their home doors to persons who did not mean well for them, this happened because they were unable to tell who was at the door before opening the door. Once the door is opened, it is a little too late to keep the intruder out. While there may be many home security video doorbells, most are not reliable and are usually pricy and unaffordable.

Door Ringer serves the crucial function of allowing you to see who is at your door before you open the door. The chances of falling victim to a home invasion are therefore reduced to the barest minimum. Unless you have such a security precaution installed in your home, it is not okay to think your home is protected from intruders in the form of thieves and unwelcomed visitors.

Door Ringer is trending for the right reasons especially in countries such as the United States of America, new zee land and the UK as well as Canada. Here in this article, we shall explain why so many homeowners have this little device installed in their homes starting from what Door Ringer is, how to use the device, its features, benefits, and advantages as well as reviews from its current users.

This is most likely the most trustworthy and proven way to secure your home from trespassers. Some owners are always unsure of the safety of their home whenever they are away from home, they are constantly afraid of a home invasion irrespective of having a “lock and key system” in place. This is because they know how vulnerable this system is and how many professional robbers have developed a way to overcome even the most sophisticated lock and key system.

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This concern is growing by the day, especially now that the economy is not doing too good and more and more people are forced into crime.  The current crime rate has created a state of unrest amongst homeowners who are now more afraid than ever regarding the safety of their home and property while away at home or out of town. Break-ins are almost a daily occurrence in some neighborhood and traditional security measures such as the lock and key system is no longer a viable option.

Thankfully, technology improves on a daily basis, and lots of tech companies out there are dedicated to making life easier for the world at large. Home security is not left out in these new tech strides, we now have in our hands a device that will resolve all your anxiety and fear for the safety of your property. You can now be at peace knowing that your home and property have never been safer.


The device uses an outdoor camera system that allows users to not only view who are at the door but to also take and store the images of such a person and to also have a conversation with the person without coming down to the door.

Door Ringer is the first video doorbell, it is however an improvement on the existing products in the market. Unlike many other video doorbells out there, it is budget-friendly and does not cost much. This makes acquiring it easy and affordable. Almost anyone can afford it and will probably not have to save for months for this.

Aside from been affordable, it is also unique on many fronts and these include being cord-free, that is, it does not use any form of cord and connects easily with any smartphone wirelessly. Installation is hassle-free and can be done without hiring additional help from professionals.

its cameras produce a high-quality HD video of the outdoor environment and you to visualize whatever is going on outside, it also uses a motion detection mechanism and sends notifications to your smartphone.

The device connects with a smartphone via Wi fi and can allow users to see a live feed of the activities going on at their outdoor. This way, you can see a live video of your outdoor from wherever you are in the world. The device also allows you to be able to converse with whoever is at your door. Although it uses sophisticated technology, it remains user and budget-friendly.

Sometimes while we are away, we miss visits from important people, either work colloquies or friends, and remain unaware, except of course they told of their coming. However, with devices such as Door Ringer, you can see whoever visited you while you were away and have a record of the footage on your phone. It is difficult to surprise homeowners with Door Ringer at their door.

The device works with an app that is compatible with both android and apple iOS to keep homeowners posted on the events going on outdoor in real-time. each time a visitor presses on the device’s button, it immediately gets activated and notify the homeowner via the smartphone with which it is synchronized to.

It is made from highly durable construction which is weather-resistant, that is, able to survive all types of weather conditions. This gives it a long-lasting life span and is worth every penny spent in procuring it. Not only is Door Ringer good at what it does, but it is also equally a nice addition to your front door as its ergonomic and sleek design adds to the beauty of the house.

The security camera is visibly obvious to visitors, making it a perfect way to monitor whoever is at the door and whatever they are doing there.  Without seeing the camera, most intruders may not remember to avoid the camera or have a need to do so. With such footage, rubbers can be easily identified and arraigned.

The most fun part of Door Ringer is probably its motion sensors which are designed to pick up any form of motion or movement on your outdoor and send a notification to your phone wherever you may be. Given that motion sensors do not differentiate humans from non-human movements, it is also possible to alert birds or dogs on your outdoor.

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The installation process is quite simple and easy to follow, users are required to download and install an app for the device from their smartphone’s play store. This applies to both android and apple iOS users. After creating an account on this app, and following through with other instructions to get started on using the device, the user is now ready to go.

On the grounds of connectivity, Door Ringer does not differ from many other video doorbells out there, that is, it connects with smartphones via a Wi-Fi network and works cordless from any distance. Steps involved in setting it up and usage are simple and easy to follow. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to use a door ringer

Step 1

Following the arrival of the device, unpack it from its packaging and check for all the necessary accessories such as the charger. Although the device comes with some amount of charge, to ensure lasting performance, do not begin to use the device without first charging it up.

Step 2

Mount the device on the door or somewhere around the house entrance where its camera can have a good view of whoever is at the door. Check the device and ensure that it is working perfectly well. the device can be returned to the company if any manufacturing defect is noticed in it.

Step 3

Android phone users can download the door ringer app from the google play store while those using apple iOS phones can download and install the app from the apple store. After installing the app, open it on your phone and make sure it is working perfectly well.

Step 4

After synchronizing your smartphone with the device via the app by falling all the installation procedures, turn on the device to be to ensure a first-class home security experience.

All live feeds of real-time events captured by the device’s camera can be viewed on the smartphone as they happen. These events can also be stored in case there is any need for future reference. The device also allows you to have a conversation with whoever is at your door. 

Door Ringer is a highly durable weather-resistant video doorbell whose performance is not affected by a change in weather conditions. It remains useful even at night. The camera’s lens is designed in such a way that allows for night photography. They are also able to view a considerably large landscape, this way, you can be able to see events occurring at the entrance and around the house with one look.

Whenever a visitor presses on the device’s doorbell, it becomes activated and takes the picture of the entrance (including the person standing at the entrance and any other event going on there). These recorded images are then sent to the smartphone synchronized with the device. It has a speaker and a microphone allowing you to have a conversation with the person at your door.

With the camera’s incredible lens, homeowners can perfectly identify whoever is at the door even at night. The device has an unbelievable battery capacity which can last after the first charge for almost a year with continuous usage. 

Features of the door ringer

Here are some of the features of the door ring and why it is justifiably the best video doorbell the is in the market.

High-quality video

The door ring has a spectacular video quality on the account of its high-resolution camera. The device can record incredible video quality and take images that can be watched or viewed on devices such as phones, pcs, tablets, or any other similar device.

Motion sensors

The door ring is packaged with highly sensitive motion detectors which to its security features. The motion sensors detect any form of movement at the entrance of the house and send a notification immediately to the phone the device is synchronized with.

Field of view

The camera fitted in this device can capture every nook and cranny of the house entrance. It has a wide field of view which is about 170 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically.

Best quality sound

The door ringer is fitted with a speaker as well as a microphone which produces the best quality sound enabling a clear and audible conversation between the homeowner and the visitor. The homeowner is, therefore, able to communicate clearly with the visitor from wherever he is.

Storage capacity

Images taken and recorded can be stored on the device. Alternatively, a 12GB external memory card can be used. With such a considerably high storage capacity, the chance of the storage getting filled up and hindering further recording is very low.

Night photography

Imagine having a security system that only works during the day. this will be ironic given that crime statistics shows that more crime happens at night than in the daytime and criminals try to take advantage of the darkness as cover. Thankfully. The door ring happens to have infrared LEDs which enable it to take clear footage even at night. It is therefore the perfect security device to have at your entrance.

Battery capacity

Upon arrival, check the accessories with which the device is packaged. The device is normally delivered with 3 long-lasting batteries. Each of these batteries after a full charge is expected to last up to 8 months or one year. Battery limitation is therefore not one of the drawbacks associated with the device. Unlike wired doorbells which are limited by a power outage, the door ring makes use of rechargeable batteries and does not rely on a power supply.

Device compatibility

Both iPhone and android phone users or users of other types of devices will not find difficulty installing or using the door ring app on their devices. The app is completely compatible with any type of device and works in synchrony with the mounted doorbell.


Part of the reason why the door ring happens to be one of the video doorbells with such a long lifespan includes its design which allows it to cope perfectly well with all kinds of weather or climate condition. It is not affected by any kind of weather condition and remains sensitive and efficient all year round.

Hassle-free installation and usage

The device is cordless and therefore does not require much during setup. Installation does not involve plugging in any cord or invitation of an electrician for wiring. Simply choose the part of the door or somewhere around the entrance where the device’s camera can get a good view of whoever or whatever comes close to the house’s entrance and mount it there.

Then go ahead to either google play store or apple play store and download the device’s app from there. Follow the set of instructions on the display to complete the setup and begin to enjoy 24-hour all-year-round protection.

Quick alert system

The device sends an immediate notification to your smartphone enabling you to see whoever is approaching the house even before they get to the door. Through its high-performing Wi-Fi network, it can stream a live video of the events occurring in real-time at the front of your house to your phone with ease. Right from when the motion sensors detect the presence of the intruder, a notification is sent alerting the homeowner about the intruder, this way, quick and decisive action can be taken on time.

What are the benefits of using a door ringer in your home?

Serve as a good investment

Homeowners who intend to sell the home later own will benefit from the value-added to the house by the security doorbell. This is because most people looking to buy a house consider the security system of a house as a top priority. Seeing such a device will therefore motivate them to buy the house or pay more. This can be a good business strategy for folks in the real estate business.

Provides complete protection for your home and property

The door ring is designed to provide a holistic security system that allows house owners to see who is at the entrance without having to open the door. This is applicable when you are around, that is, in the house as well as when you are far away or out of town. At anywhere in the world, you can continue to keep a close eye on your house and call-in security operatives whenever you notice anything suspicious around your home.

Receive visitors virtually

Visitors can be spotted even before they get to the door. Homeowners can choose to let the visitor in or tell them to check back later. You can notify your visitor of your absence and let them know when you will be back if necessary. There is always that one friend that does not feel the need for prior notification before dropping by, in such instance, the live video footage will help notify you of their visits.

Similarly, friends or acquaintances who target periods during which you are absent from home to deliver a gift at your doorstep to remain anonymous are caught on the camera and their plan foiled.

benefits also include not having to miss your package delivery simply because you are away.

Pros and cons of door ringer


  • Provides 24-hour wholistic security cameras
  • Highly sensitive Motion sensors


available only on the company’s official website.

Customer reviews

“We had a package stolen from our front porch a week ago. After setting up the Door Ringer, I can watch all packages delivered while I’m at work. And even if they try to steal another package, I have video evidence! I feel much better about leaving my house now.’’

Marry R.

‘’This device is amazing! The field of view, responsiveness, sound quality, and quality of the picture are the best. We have recommended it to many friends, and they have also purchased”

Michael m.

‘’Best purchase I made for our home! Installing the device and the app was a breeze! Video quality is phenomenal even when it’s dark. I am no longer stressed about my family’s security, knowing 24/7 who’s in the front yard. And getting notifications on my phone keeps me feeling safe when we are not at home. Thanks, Door Ringer Video Doorbell!”

Matt Z


You can finally get that peace of mind you have always desired for. With a door ring, you can keep an eye on your home and property from any part of the world for an affordable price. 


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