The 5 Best Tents for Family with a Toddler: Who Love to Camp

Beyond the four walls of your apartment and the traps of the digital screens, there lies a whole different world snoozing in the lap of nature, waiting for you to explore.

Unfortunately, new parents either give up on their camping hobby or shudder at the thought of making it into a hobby with the arrival of their little munchkin. What one fails to realize is the importance of nature’s connection for a child’s cognitive and conative development and well-being. And there is nothing better than a weekend camping getaway with your family to relax, rewind and connect.

An essential in your camping kit, especially if you are planning it with your little one is a tent of impeccable quality. So, here is our recommendation for the best tent for camping with toddlers.

In a hurry? My favorite is this CORE 9P Instant Cabin Tent. See it at Amazon.


Reviewing the Top Five Tents for Family with a Toddler


TETON Sports Mountain Ultra 2 Person Tent; Backpacking Dome Tent; Great for Camping; Waterproof Tent with Footprint Included – the Light wonder 



Weighing a mere 8.1 pounds, this is an effortless affair to carry in your backpack while treading the bumpy trails of the mountain ranges. Speaking of effortless, setting this beauty up for your nighttime snooze is as easy as it is to pack it up when it’s time to leave. A sure-shot way to cut down your camp prep time!

The unique mesh design of the tent lets you gaze at the starry sky or the green canopy of the wilderness, for an extraordinary experience. While also serving the purpose of keeping the creepy critters away from you and your little one.


•  Clip-on rain fly comes with the purchase
•  Hassle-free set-up


•  Not exactly ideal for harsh weather conditions


OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent – the most spacious tent for a big family 



A tent that can hold up to 10 people? No, we aren’t kidding, Ozark has made it into this list with their massive tent fit for big family trips. It not only has enough space but also comes with dividers to maintain privacy if you wish. With 2 extra doors, it makes it ideal even in situations of uninvited emergency.

Some would assume at first glance that it will take a pro camper to set this beautiful giant up. However, the ease with which it can be set up will surprise even first-time campers.


•  Perfect for a big family trip
•  Equipped with mud mats and shoe pocket to keep the interior neat and clean even with toddlers around


•  Not the most ideal pick for harsh weather conditions


CORE 9P Instant Cabin Tent – the most convening camping tent 



As easy as opening an umbrella? Yup, you heard it right. This gem of a cabin tent is not only miraculously spacious but is a cakewalk to set up. The designing principle stems from that of a simple umbrella with walls around and the floor beneath it. In the guise of a beginner’s dream – all you have to do is spread it to set it up by pulling on its 6 telescopic poles. It is also integrated with dividers which can be lifted to make the interior even more spacious.


•  Instant set-up
•  Comes with an electronic cord access port


•  Some find the floor material rather thin, which can be easily tackled with quality sleeping pads.


Coleman Elite Montana 8-Person Lighted Tent – your best friend in harsh weather conditions 



When the wind starts roaring and rain starts pouring, this cabin tent will shield you and your little one with its Herculean built and potent waterproofing. If you plan on camping at a marshy area with the soggy ground, its patented welded flooring will keep you and your family dry by keeping the moisture out.

It is also integrated with a plethora of features like customization LED Lighting, rechargeable power cartridges, auto roll-up windows and a lot more to enhance your camping experience.


•  Spacious enough to hold up to 3 mattresses
•  Water-resistant


•  A rather pricey investment


Coleman Dome Tent with Screen Room – to keep things airy and bug-free at the same time 



The structural beauty of this camping tent is enhanced further with the addition of sheer mesh screens in the design. It keeps the interiors of your tent super ventilated while giving you an incredible view of your surroundings. It is all the more vital if you have children with you because it is the simplest and most effective trick to keep out the bugs and flies which are equal part annoying and equal part threatening.

The tent is propped up on 4 fiberglass poles that not only offer durability but also make for a strong structure that can take on harsh weather conditions.


•  Spacious enough for 6 people
•  Easy set up in just 15 minutes


•  Lacks electrical inputs


Tips and Tricks to Finding your Perfect Tent 


Take care of sizing

Keep the height of the tallest member in your mind when you go tent shopping. Make sure the tent is comfortably tall for them to fit in. When it comes to sizing, always go for a tent that can hold 2-3 extra members. You will definitely need that extra space, especially if you have toddlers with you. OZARK Trail Family Cabin Tent is our fave when it comes to spacious tents.


With a child to take care of while hiking, it is best to keep the weight of your backpack at a minimum. So, invest in something like the TETON Sports Mountain Ultra 2 Person Tent, which is super lightweight.


A tent with dividers like the CORE 9P Instant Cabin Tent is a great investment for family campers. The dividers can not only give you some privacy but can also divide the tent into chambers that can be used to store and organize your paraphernalia neatly and also help you tuck away the dirty stuff securely.


Frequently Asked Questions


How big a tent is enough for a couple with a toddler?

60 to 70 square feet tent is enough to fit a couple with a toddler. For a family of 4, the minimum size should be 90 to 100 square feet, and for a family of 6, at least 120 to 130 square feet is needed to fit in comfortably.


Can a single person put up a tent?

Actually, a tent in the shape of the dome looks complex to be put up alone. But honestly, these types of tents are very easy to be put by a single person. If 2 persons can do the work, it will be done very fast.


Do I need to buy an expensive tent for camping?

You don’t need to buy an extremely expensive tent, but yes, good quality tents are expensive. These types of tents keep you safe from harsh weather conditions. Cheap tents can be used only in ideal weather conditions.



If you are into camping or want to try it out then, getting yourself the best tents for families with toddlers is absolutely non-negotiable. And, now that you know our top picks, it is time to choose yours and make a worthy investment.