How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower Tire Tube

Your lawn mower has to deal with rough surface conditions every time you use them. In such conditions, it makes the most sense to find heavy-duty tire tubes. The selection of tubes decides how long you can use your mower before replacing the tubes once again.

A lawn mower tire tube has to be simple to install, easy to replace, and able to perform in different conditions. Combining all of the best features, this guide will show you a list of right tire tubes for your lawn mower. Also, you will learn to evaluate the quality of tire tubes before buying them for your lawn mower. So, let’s begin!

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Reviewing the Top 5 Inner Tube for Lawn Mower Tire

Here is a list of tire tubes lawn mower users admire:


Mission Automotive Premium Inner Tubes with TR-13 Valve Stem

These replacement tubes are suitable for tires having 15.5 inches of the outside diameter. Made with heavy-duty, premium rubber, this tube model is known for its durability in industrial, commercial and household use.

You can install them easily in your lawn mower tires. It supports the maximum inflation of 30 PSI. With this much inflation, you can easily improve the performance of your lawn mower and increase its power and durability.


• Premium rubber quality for long-term durability
• Easy to replace


• Manual pumping is necessary to avoid over inflation



Creation Dream Lawn Mower Tire Inner Tubes

When looking for inner tube for lawn mower tire, you desire a pack of four tubes. So, Creation Dream offers a set of four inner tubes with best-suited dimensions. The front two tubes have the size 15X6.00-6, while the rear tubes are 20X8.00-8 in size.

While the sizes are different to match the tires, all four tubes contain the same TR13 stems. The rubber quality is excellent, which ensures long-term reliability of tires and better efficiency of engines.


• Inner tubes for front and rear tires
• Premium rubber material
• Standard TR13 stems


• Replacement process might seem difficult for some people.


Deli Tire Lawn and Garden Mower Inner Tube

Deli Tire tubes for lawn mowers contain TR87 stems. These stems provide better protection with its bent valve. The construction of the tubes involves butyl rubber to ensure durability and heavy-duty performance.

Deli Tire is a certified manufacturer, so you can trust the quality of design and construction. These tire tubes work exceptionally in lawn mowers, but you can also utilize them in snow blowers, tractors, generators, and others.

This shows the versatility and effectiveness of these butyl rubber inner tubes.


• TR87 bent valve metal stem
• Well-tested and certified tubes
• Durable butyl rubber construction


• You have to carefully choose the right size for your lawn mower tires


Martin Wheel TR13 Inner Tube for Lawn Mower

Martin Wheel is a reliable brand with useful products. One such product is the tube for lawn mower tire useful in garden and lawn mowing. Each tube weighs just 0.9lbs and contains a straight valve stem of type TR13.

You can use this tube in your lawn mower as the size usually aligns with the tires. The dimensions are 6.7 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches.


• Lightweight rubber construction
• Effective TR13 valve stems
• Easy to inflate


• You have to check the size precisely before picking this one


LotFancy Inner Tube for Riding Lawn Mower

These tire tubes fit the size of 20×8.00-8 as well as 20×10.00-8. Hence, you can use them to replace the tubes of your lawn tractor tires, lawn mower and other vehicles such as golf carts and ATVs.

The tubes are certified for high-puncture resistance. This is due to the premium quality isobutylene isoprene type of rubber. This rubber material is effective in terms of elastic damping, airtightness, and aging resistance.

Hence, it stays in its natural rubber condition for a long time. The tube is inflatable via its TR13 stem, which has a sealable cap.


• High resistance against puncture
• ISO certified
• Elastic damping
• Resistance against aging
• Airtightness


• Inflation requires carefulness to avoid filling more than required
• Checking the size is necessary before buying


How to buy the right lawn mower tire tube?


• You should always start by looking at the size of your lawn mower tires. Measure the diameter of your tires to have a clear idea of what size of inner tubes you need.


• Make your personal list of inner tube providers who have the size you desire. Then, start looking into the quality of tire tubes.


• It is better to choose premium rubber quality, so you won’t be replacing your tubes again and again. Hence, find a certified manufacturer with durable tubes. Puncture resistance should be your primary concern. The rubber material should be able to work against pointy things.


• Figure out the type of stem you need. There are straight and bent stems available. Anyone can be beneficial if the sealing property is top-notch. The valve stem should seal the air properly to provide air tightness to the tubes. This reduces the chances of puncture and slow speed.


• Most importantly, you should understand the method of installation and inflating the inner tubes. Many tubes require manual filling to avoid over inflation. Find out the maximum inflation your inner tubes can handle. Then, accurately inflate to that level without filling any unnecessary air.


It is important to notice that different manufacturers utilize different kinds of rubbers to create inner tubes. You can choose the butyl or isobutylene isoprene type of rubber construction. Always double-assure the size before making your final decision.


Frequently Asked Questions


What PSI is suitable for a lawn mower tire?

Pounds per square inch (PSI) is used to measure tire pressure. The standard factory settings for front tires is 14 PSI and for rear tires is 10 PSI for residential lawn mower tires. Tire pressure must be checked regularly.


Is it possible to put a tube inside a lawn mower tire?

To increase the life of tire, it is recommended to put a tube inside a lawn mower. It is quite a simple process and can be done in no time. You just need to make sure that you do not pinch the tube using tire iron when you reseat the bead.


Is it necessary to have a tube in lawn mower tire?

Most of the lawn mower tires are designed in a way that they do not require any tube to function. A majority of tire rims are devised as one piece. Adding the tube just increases the life of the tire.





It must be clear to you how complicated an inner tube selection can be. However, now you have a list of products with effective tips to start the process of selection. You can use the same tips to compare other tire tube options as well and pick the best-suited choice for your lawn mower.

It would be wise to purchase in sets to understand the durability and save some cash. Hopefully, the mentioned tubes will help you just as they have helped many lawn mower owners.