Top 5 Best Riding Lawn Mower Lifts

When it comes to periodic checks and repair works, a lawn mower lift instantly comes into mind. Its umpteen benefits make it indispensable lawn equipment. It can quickly gain the desired height from any angle and help in checkups and repair procedures. Moreover, the safety locking system with solid construction levies the desired protection quotient, giving it an edge.

An array of options is available in the market today, with each one decked with numerous features. Here we enlist our top 5 picks of riding lawnmower lift.

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The Top 5 Riding Lawn Mower Lifts in 2022


Pro-Lift Riding Lawn Mower Jack Lift

Pro lift lawnmower is befitted for average lifting requirements. With 300 pounds, the product can lift most of the machines, ideal for maintenance purposes.

The Pro lift lawn mower comes with a rubber-padded footing that ensures a no-slip feature. It also protects the lawn mower lift from damages and scratches.

Further, the safety lock ensures that the operations are smooth and secure. Along with the safety feature, the pro lift lawn mower is easy to manoeuvre, making it desirable in the lawnmower category.


• Value for money
• Good safety features
• Rubber pad footing with the non-slip quality.

• None as such


Pro-Lift T-5305 Riding Lawn Mower Lift

The Pro-Lift T-5305 is an amazing selection for those looking for operating heavy-size lawnmowers owing to its capacity of 500 pounds.

Built holistic steel construction, the land mower lift promises a sturdy and solid look.

Boasting 26 inches wide steel wheels span, the lawnmower lift offers the flexibility of raising almost any device with ease.

The adjustment height varies from nineteen and one-fourth inches to forty-two and a half inches, making it convenient for raising lawn tractors, zero-turn land mowers, and heavy-size push mowers.

Additionally, the hydraulic mechanism equips the foot pedal option to make the lifting process easy and hassle-free.

Finally, the dual locking system vouches for a safe and secure experience. Flaunting an array of desirable features, the Pro-lift T-5303 lawn mower lift is easily the most dependable, versatile, and reliable land mover option.

• Good lifting capacity
• Convenient hydraulic pedal for lifting
• Wheel spans adjustable up to 42.5 inches
• No complex mechanisms involved

• The price range is a bit on the higher side


MoJack EZ Max

If you are looking for riding lawn mower lifts for your residential requirements, the MoJack EZ Max is the ideal choice.

Aiding in moving the lawn and mowing equipment’s up to the height of about 24 inches, the MoJack EZ Max carries the capacity of lifting objects of up to 450 pounds.

The wheel spans can befit 18.5 inches to 47.5 inches requirement, offering a lot of scopes.

Raising the lift is easy with two options available- Manually and power drill, giving you the option to choose as per requirement demands. It is ideal for repairing services like blade cleaning or removing dirt.

Moreover, the patent design makes the assembly process easy. When looking for a lawnmower lifts with average capacity but flexible in approach, the MoJack EZ Max is the ultimate choice.

• Storage is easy owing to the foldable feature
• Dual-mode of lifting makes it versatile
• Price for money

• Some of the parts of the mower seem fragile


Pro-LifT T-5335A Riding Lawn Mower Lift

If you are looking for something to lift your zero-turn mowers and small lawn tractors, the Pro lift 5335 A lawn mower lift is your answer.

Having the capacity to lift objects at 23 inches height, the mower lift can handle any machinery with a wheel span ranging between 40-3/4 inches and 49-3/8 inches.

Very lightweight, the lawnmower lift can be easily hauled by anyone to any place.

Additionally, it can carry weight up to 350 pounds making it reasonably good for repair and maintenance. W

e also love those Pro lift 5335 A offers a lot of space in terms of clearance, making it easier to change blades, belts, or clean deck area. Finally, the maneuvering capacity is incredible, making it a versatile tool.

Further, the rubber platform at the footing provides a solid base.

Additionally, the non-slip pedal feature makes it convenient to lift any machinery, ensuring the safety factor. When you are looking for a lawnmower lift that is dependable, reliable, safe, guaranteed, and affordable, then Pro Lift 5335 A is a perfect choice.

• Lightweight
• Average lifting capacity
• The lifting mechanism of a foot pedal
• Sturdy rubber platform

• None as such


Jungle Jim’s Commercial or Push Mower Lift Jack

Jungle Jim’s whooping carrying capacity of 800 pounds makes it ideal for users looking for heavy lifting.

The lawnmower lift comes in steel construction with a one-lifting functionality that enables more straightforward hauling of the devices and machines—made up of steel channels. The product speaks of a desirable, durable feature.

It can move any machine like ZTR or stand-on mowers at any angle up to the height of 19 inches. Its big tires and large footing offer expansive space and assistance for heavy mowers.

Additionally, a cotter pin is provided on the safety arm to ensure that the lawnmower lift is safe and secure at all times.

Coming with a two-year weld warranty, the product is ideal for those looking for a lawn mower lift that has a considerable capacity.

• Carrying capacity of 800 pounds
• Safety arm feature
• Can carry almost all kinds of machinery

• Bit expensive


Buying Guide for Riding Lawn Mowers Lift


Lawnmower’s lift comes power-packet with lots of features. Scanning them carefully can help you best buy a mower lift that befits your requirements. Here are few tips that can help you quickly buy your lawnmower lift




The prime thing to consider before buying the mower lift is to assess its quality. Look for mowers cast in steel or other heavy metals that offer a sturdy and robust construction. A high-quality mower is reliable and durable at the same time.


Lifting Capacity-


Land mowers lifting capacity can range between 350 pounds to 100 pounds. Looking for a land mower lift that suits your lawn requirements within the budgetary constraints is the best way to pick them.


Safety Features-


Since the lawnmower lifts will perform heavy operations; the product must come equipped with safety features. Look for rubber padding, safety arm, or dual locking systems that promise a protected characteristic while using the mower lift.


Ease of Operation-


There is no point in using a land mower lift if it cannot perform and function effortlessly. Hence, look for the ease of accessibility and functionality of the mower before buying it.




Looking for a lawn mower lifts with features and pocket-friendly should be your aim while buying it.


Frequently Asked Questions


What Capacity of land mower lift is recommendable?


Well, it depends on your requirements. The land mowers lift come with different carrying capacities ranging between 350 pounds to 1000 pounds. Depending on your needs, you can select a capacity.


How do I check for the safety features of my land mower lift?


For checking the safety features, you can refer to the manual that comes with your land mower lift. Other key points to look for are the rubber padding at the foot, safety arm features with pins, and the locking system.


Does my land mower lift require maintenance?


Yes, like any machinery piece, your land mower lift requires regular maintenance. You can keep them clean with a bit of cloth and remove the dust particles. It is always advisable to periodically check all the nuts and bolts to ensure that the parts are working correctly.




Land mowers lift is inevitably proper equipment for lawns these days. It offers a wide range of benefits when used with care and protection, including lifting machines, repairing things, maintaining the parts, and more. All you need to do is to use the lifting mechanism and get your work done. So, get a lawnmower lift and ease your operations with this fantastic product.

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